The best place to engage with the community is our forum. We prefer it over Slack because people can more easily join in on conversations over time and find answers to their questions.

  • 🙋🏽‍♀️ Ask questions
  • 💅🏽 Show off something you have created
  • 🖍 Collaborate with others on designs
  • 🧯 Troubleshoot something that you aren't sure is a bug yet
  • 👋🏾 Say "hi" and introduce yourself

Bug reports should still be GitHub issues. But for the rest, you can start here and if it needs to be an issue, a maintainer will handle creating it and moving the conversation over there.

Mailing List

Join our mailing list

  • Watch for new releases of Porter
  • Learn how to use new features
  • Read blog posts about Porter and CNAB
  • Discover and share best practices and see example bundles
  • Hear about new mixins and plugins


We have a #porter channel in the CNCF Slack. You can request an invite to join.

  • 🗣 This is a good place to chat with other people about using Porter, developing Porter mixins and plugins.
  • 🐞 This is not a good place to submit bug reports. Please open an issue instead so that we don't miss it!

There is also a #cnab channel that is very active where people discuss the CNAB spec, and work on upstream libraries such as cnab-go and docker-to-oci.

Dev Meeting

We meet every other week to discuss Porter Enhancement Proposals, demo new features and help other contributors. The agenda is open, anyone can edit to add an agenda item.