porter copy

porter copy

Copy a bundle


Copy a published bundle from one registry to another. Source bundle can be either a tagged reference or a digest reference. Destination can be either a registry, a registry/repository, or a fully tagged bundle reference. If the source bundle is a digest reference, destination must be a tagged reference.

porter copy [flags]


  porter copy
  porter copy --source getporter/porter-hello:v0.1.0 --destination portersh
  porter copy --source getporter/porter-hello:v0.1.0 --destination portersh --insecure-registry


      --destination string   The registry to copy the bundle to. Can be registry name, registry plus a repo prefix, or a new tagged reference. All images and the bundle will be prefixed with registry.
  -h, --help                 help for copy
      --insecure-registry    Don't require TLS for registries
      --source string         The fully qualified source bundle, including tag or digest.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug           Enable debug logging
      --debug-plugins   Enable plugin debug logging


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