porter parameters generate

porter parameters generate

Generate Parameter Set


Generate a named set of parameters.

The first argument is the name of parameter set you wish to generate. If not provided, this will default to the bundle name. By default, Porter will generate a parameter set for the bundle in the current directory. You may also specify a bundle with –file.

Bundles define 1 or more parameter(s) that are required to interact with a bundle. The bundle definition defines where the parameter should be delivered to the bundle, i.e. via DB_USERNAME. A parameter set, on the other hand, represents the source data that you wish to use when interacting with the bundle. These will typically be environment variables or files on your local file system.

When you wish to install, upgrade or delete a bundle, Porter will use the parameter set to determine where to read the necessary information from and will then provide it to the bundle in the correct location.

porter parameters generate [NAME] [flags]


  porter parameters generate
  porter parameters generate myparamset --reference getporter/hello-llama:v0.1.1 --namespace dev
  porter parameters generate myparamset --label owner=myname --reference getporter/hello-llama:v0.1.1
  porter parameters generate myparamset --reference localhost:5000/getporter/hello-llama:v0.1.1 --insecure-registry --force
  porter parameters generate myparamset --file myapp/porter.yaml
  porter parameters generate myparamset --cnab-file myapp/bundle.json


      --autobuild-disabled   Do not automatically build the bundle from source when the last build is out-of-date.
      --cnab-file string     Path to the CNAB bundle.json file.
  -f, --file porter.yaml     Path to the Porter manifest. Defaults to porter.yaml in the current directory.
      --force                Force a fresh pull of the bundle
  -h, --help                 help for generate
      --insecure-registry    Don't require TLS for the registry
  -l, --label strings        Associate the specified labels with the parameter set. May be specified multiple times.
  -n, --namespace string     Namespace in which the parameter set is defined. Defaults to the global namespace.
  -r, --reference string     Use a bundle in an OCI registry specified by the given reference.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --experimental strings   Comma separated list of experimental features to enable. See https://getporter.org/configuration/#experimental-feature-flags for available feature flags.
      --verbosity string       Threshold for printing messages to the console. Available values are: debug, info, warning, error. (default "info")