Porter ParameterSet File Format 1.0.1

Parameter Sets can be defined in either json or yaml. You can use this json schema to validate a parameter set file.


The created and modified fields were moved under the ParameterSet status field. They cannot be set manually.


schemaType: ParameterSet
schemaVersion: 1.0.1
name: myparams
namespace: staging
  team: redteam
  owner: xianglu
  - name: color
      value: red
  - name: log-level
      env: LOG_LEVEL
  - name: connStr
      secret: my-connection-string
Field Required Description
schemaType false The type of document.
schemaVersion true The version of the Parameter Set schema used in this file.
name true The name of the parameter set.
namespace false The namespace in which the parameter set is defined. Defaults to the empty (global) namespace.
labels false A set of key-value pairs associated with the parameter set.
parameters true A list of parameters and instructions for Porter to resolve the parameter value.
parameters.name true The name of the parameter as defined in the bundle.
parameters.source true Specifies how the parameter should be resolved. Must have only one child property:
secret, value, env, path, or command