Porter Plugins File Format 1.0.0

Porter Plugins File Format 1.0.0

The plugins file is used when installing multiple plugins at the same time with the porter plugins install command. Plugins can be defined in either json or yaml. You can use this json schema to validate a plugins config file.

Supported Versions

Below are schema versions for plugin installation files, and the corresponding Porter version that supports it.

Schema Type Schema Version Porter Version
Plugins 1.0.0 v1.0.6

Sometimes you may want to work with a different version of a resource than what is supported by Porter, especially when migrating from one version of Porter to another. The schema-check configuration setting allows you to change how Porter behaves when the schemaVersion of a resource doesn’t match Porter’s supported version.


schemaType: Plugins
schemaVersion: 1.0.0
    version: v1.0.0
    feedURL: https://cdn.porter.sh/plugins/atom.xml
    url: https://example.com
    mirror: https://example.com
Field Required Description
schemaType false The type of document.
schemaVersion true The version of the Plugins schema used in this file.
plugins..version false The version of the plugin.
plugins..feedURL false The url of an atom feed where the plugin can be downloaded.
plugins..url false The url from where the plugin can be downloaded.
plugins..mirror false The mirror of official Porter assets.