Hashicorp Plugin

Integrate Porter with Hashicorp Vault.

Source: https://github.com/getporter/hashicorp-plugins

Install or Upgrade

Until the upstream plugin is updated to work with Porter v1, this is a special release with compatibility fixes. For older versions of Porter, use version v0.1.0 of the original hashicorp plugin. We only support the KV Version 2 secret engine. Please raise an issue if you’re looking for support for other secret engines.

porter plugin install hashicorp --version v1.0.0 --url https://github.com/getporter/hashicorp-plugins/releases/download

Note that the v1 release of the plugin only works with Porter v1.0.0-alpha.20 and higher.

Plugin Configuration

To use vault plugin, add the following config to porter’s config file (default location: ~/.porter/config.yaml). Replace vault_addr, vault_token and path_prefix with proper values.

The example below retrieves the vault_token from the VAULT_TOKEN environment variable. Do not store sensitive data in the Porter configuration file.

default-secrets: "porter-secrets"

  name: "porter-secrets"
  plugin: "hashicorp.vault"
    vault_addr: "http://vault.example.com:7500"
    path_prefix: "organization/team/project"
    vault_token: "${env.VAULT_TOKEN}"

Config Parameters


path_prefix allows you to specify a prefix for your secret path. Let’s say you have a secret (myawesomeproject) with path organization/team/project/myawesomeproject, then you can configure path_prefix as organization/team/project.


You can optionally change where Porter saves secrets by setting porter_secret. By default, Porter generated secrets are saved to PATH_PREFIX/SECRET_KEY/porter.

Secret Organization

The plugin resolves the secret using the secret value set in the Parameter or Credential Set, using the path prefix defined in the Porter configuration file.

name: myparameterset
  - name: mysql-connection-string
      secret: myapp/v1/connstr

The secret value can use sub-paths to further select the correct secret. In the example above, the mysql-connection-string parameter resolves to the secret at PATH_PREFIX/myapp/v1/connstr.